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The Despicable Little Man - Unique
Releases are rarely tagged as unique these days. Everyone sounds like someone.
You'll hear stuff going on here that sounds fresh and isn't common.

Jazz, Blues, Rock, Electronics. It's all good to me.
Sax and guitar, that's great to me.

It's about organizing sounds, seeing how they fit or don't fit together, not so much writing in a style. Many of my ideas come from things that happen accidentally, not things I am trying to accomplish. I'm often surprised by people say I sound like. Air, Pixies, St Germain. I like them but don't know much about them. Massive Attack. Leon Russell, Mr. T, Bird, Pink Floyd, Zappa. I like Listening to Shinichi Osawa's music also.
I have alsways had a problem playing "what people want to hear." I've always had problems copping a style. Play like so and so. There are sounds in my head from people I played with and music I've listened to and I hear that blending together somehow. The challenge is to use the technology to bring them together. Much like learning to improvise and speaking. Get what's in my head out into the world.

I've always admired acts for their professionalism. However, I'm no actor. This is genuine. Unique.

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